Best Gay & Lesbian Bars In Newark (LGBT Nightlife Guide)

Best gay bars Newark LGBT nightlife dating lesbians

If you are trying to locate the best gay and lesbian bars or clubs in Newark you will definitely learn a lot more about them here. We will also be discussing topics like mixed clubs, trans bars, drag shows and more in this local LGBT nightlife guide.

The big annual pride event needs to get a shout out, and in this modern tech era it would be quite silly for us to leave out the best LGBT dating sites. We don’t all like to do things the same way so we are trying to cover all the bases so that you can go with the one that sounds best for your needs and desires.

Thankfully the lesbian and gay bars in your area are no longer your only way to make this happen. You are probably already aware that you have a lot more options for LGBT nightlife in New York City very close to you.

Best LGBT Bars & Clubs In Newark

Let’s start this off with a list of the best mixed LGBT bars and nightclubs in Newark:

We heard that Twister Lounge shut down during the pandemic, that was a big hit to the scene.

Best Gay Bars & Clubs

If you are looking for gay bars and clubs in Newark for men to meet men you will find all you need at the above spots. We used to live in a world where things were far less inclusive, but these days most venues have become more LGBT friendly instead of being strictly local gay bars.

Best Lesbian Bars & Clubs in Newark

Unfortunately we are not aware of completely lesbian bars in Newark for women to meet women. Hopefully the mixed list will have plenty of options for you, if not the other popular nightclubs around town that aren’t known as LGBT hot spots in your area will be your next best options outside of going to New York.

Drag Shows & Trans Bars

So far we cannot find any drag shows in Newark. We linked you to NYC before and you can find plenty of them there.

We are always trying to keep our lists fresh but we cover so many cities across the globe that it is very hard for us to keep up. We know the scene here pretty well, but of course locals who party every week will have a more intimate knowledge.

If you happen to notice anything out of date on this page or if we left some place off that is a can’t miss please use the comments to let us know. Also, if you think any venues should be listed as solely places for men to meet men or women to meet women fill us in, thanks if you can help.

There really is not one gay area or gayborhood here that we know of. You may also be interested in reading our nightlife guides for:

We would have listed Atlantic City but for some reason all the gay bars in that town have closed over the past few years.

Pride Events

Newark Pride is definitely the biggest LGBT event you will find here, but you probably already knew that.

Best LGBT Dating Sites

It used to be that if you wanted find other LGBT people near you for dating or hook ups going to a local gay bar was your only choice. That is not the case at all these days and now we want to mention some of our favorite options.

It is pretty safe to guess that most of you have seen Adult Friend Finder links online before, it is the biggest hook up site on the planet and has been for almost twenty years. Men Nation is their main site for finding gay men near you to hook up with and you might be surprised at how many users it has in major cities like this one.

The ladies will be better off on Lesbian Personals which is obviously just for them. Bi-sexuals who enjoy hooking up with all the flavors of the rainbow can use Adult Friend Finder which combines all the users on their numerous sites.

So if you want m4m hook ups check out Men Nation, and for quick f4f hook ups use Lesbian Personals. MyTransgenderDate is a site that is pretty self explanatory as well. Trans dating in Newark is growing in popularity very fast because more ts near you are finally comfortable living the life they want to live.

At this we have filled you in on the Newark LGBT nightlife as best as we know how. You learned all about mixed, gay, or lesbian bars and clubs in your area plus drag shows to party with trans and all sorts of LGBT dating sites. We hope you make the most of the information at hand.

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