Best Gay & Lesbian Bars In Atlantic City (LGBT Nightlife Guide)

Best gay bars Atlantic City LGBT nightlife dating lesbians

Hey guys, we have some good news and bad news for you today. Over the past handful of years just about all of the best LGBT bars in Atlantic City.

There used to be some local gay bars and lesbian bars around, but unfortunately to the best of our knowledge that is no longer the case. We could be like some other sites and list venues that aren’t LGBT hot spots in your area, but we don’t want to lie to you.

We said that there was some good news coming, and that is that this is a very inclusive city and all people will fit in everywhere. That may not be the answer you wanted to hear, but the facts are the facts.

You might see some Yelp reviews around with a 10 best gay bars list, don’t trust them. They are just crappy lists made by businesses who are trying to get you to come to their business with a little free marketing.

So if the LGBT nightlife in Atlantic City is dead and the gay bars are gone what can you do? Well, just go to the popular nightclubs at the major casinos like everyone else does.

Sure, these won’t be the fertile hunting grounds of a gay bar where you know what everyone inside is looking for, but they should be crowded and if you start shooting glances at people you like you should be able to figure out how they feel about you.

Again, not a great answer that you are looking for, but if they closed down all the local gay bars what else are you supposed to do? You might want to read our other posts on all the East Coast cities that we have covered or for some that are close consider going to:

If you are trying to plan a trip maybe do so around the Miss’d America Pageant that is held in September. Many LGBT people will flock here for it, so that would be the best time of year for you to visit. Now we will also get into some LGBT online dating options that can work here or back in your home town.

Best LGBT Dating Sites

It used to be that gay bars were pretty much the only places to try and find other LGBT people near you for dating or hook ups. Luckily those days are long behind us, and now we want to tell you about some of our favorite options.

We also know that not all of you reading this are in the same position as far as status goes and there are probably some who won’t be too keen on having their photos taken at a gay bar in your area. It is pretty safe to guess that most of you have seen Adult Friend Finder links online before, it is the biggest hook up site on the planet and has been for almost two decades.

Men Nation is their main site for finding gay men near you to hook up with and you might be surprised at how many users it has in major cities like this one. The ladies will prefer Lesbian Personals which is obviously just for them.

Bi-sexuals that like to hook up with all varieties can go with Adult Friend Finder. It combines all the users on their numerous sites which are not only straight and LGBT but also include swingers and all kinds of fetishes.

So if you want local m4m hook ups use Men Nation, and for f4f hook ups use Lesbian Personals. Many of you may also be a bit curious about the world’s top transgender dating site, MyTransgenderDate. Trans dating in Atlantic City is booming at the moment because more ts near you are finally comfortable living the life they want to live.

Alright then, we have told you all about the Atlantic City LGBT nightlife as best as we know how. You learned all about mixed, gay, or lesbian bars and clubs in your area plus drag shows to party with trans and all sorts of LGBT dating sites. Sorry we couldn’t help you find any venues, but we aren’t the ones who closed all the gay bars in this town.

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