LGBT Nightlife Tips

We don’t really have any ground breaking advice when it comes to partying in LGBT nightlife and dating. Most would agree that when it comes to the topic at hand we are in a much better place now than we have ever been before.

Hopefully things will continue to progress in the right direction as time moves on. With all of that said there are still plenty of ignorant folks out there, and a night out can go in many different directions that aren’t all positive.

Do your best to go out in a group when possible and if you ever find yourself in a bad situation try and let a bouncer, bartender, or manager know. Even if someone is being an asshole don’t escalate the situation, they aren’t important enough for you to risk any of the potential problems that may arise.

Fortunately bad incidents are few and far between, but they do happen and you need to try to keep a cool head when they do. We have done our best to list the best LGBT nightlife hot spots in over a hundred cities around the globe to help lead you to the right places to have some fun.

Not all cities have the same amount of options, and in some places you might need to go to the biggest and trendiest nightclubs in town to enjoy yourself whether they are LGBT or not. These days most people don’t really care who you date or want to hook up with so hopefully if you mind your business they will also.

Use our guides to find the right places to go and have a good time. If you find yourself somewhere that you don’t feel comfortable just leave, life is too short to try and change an ignorant persons mind.