Best Gay & Lesbian Bars In Los Angeles (LGBT Nightlife Guide)

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Anyone that wants to find out more about the best gay and lesbian bars or clubs in Los Angeles will definitely get an assist from our LGBT nightlife guide. We will be covering a ton of topics like our favorite mixed clubs, local trans bars, drag shows, the main queer areas of town and more!

We will be giving a shout out to our favorite LA gay pride events and meet ups. And since this is the 21st century it would be odd if we didn’t tell you about the best LGBT dating sites for your area which we have had great success using to meet many like minded people.

Not everyone likes to do things the same way and we know that the gay and lesbian bars near you are not for everyone. That is why we plan to list as much as we can and then you can proceed in whichever way sounds right for you.

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Best LGBT Bars & Clubs In Los Angeles

Let’s start this off with a list of the best gay, lesbian, and mixed LGBT bars and nightclubs in Los Angeles that we love to party at:

Best Gay Bars & Clubs

We know that plenty of you reading this post are here to find out about gay bars in Los Angeles for men to meet men in your area. Over the past couple of decades the world has become so much more inclusive that these days most local gay bars are often mixed for all varieties of LGBTQ and even some straight people too.

We have had success searching for gay hook ups at just about all of the above places and others around West Hollywood.

Best Lesbian Bars & Clubs in Los Angeles

There used to be a lot of lesbian bars in Los Angeles where women could meet women but that is also no longer the case. Go out and party in the West Hollywood gayborhood and hit up as many LGBT hot spots in your area as you can.

Drag Shows & Trans Bars

The world isn’t to the point of having full on trans bars in Los Angeles, but we have seen plenty of drag shows that may help you locate ts near you at:

Please use the comments at the end of this post to let us know if anything you notice on this page is no longer relevant or if any new LGBT hot spots have opened up since we last updated this. We also want to say that we know how things are in this town pretty well, but we are not local experts by any means.

If you think we should be listing any venues as strictly lesbian or gay bars definitely let us know. We have tried our best, but it is pretty difficult for us to keep up with the whole world.

Many of our favorite gay or lesbian bars and clubs near you can be found in the LGBT nightlife areas of West Hollywood, Silver Lake, and Elysian Park. Those gayborhoods should have just about everything that you need.

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Weekly, Monthly, & Pride Events

Here are some of the best LGBT events that occur on a regular basis:

  • Craftnight on Wednesday at Akbar
  • The Chapel on Sunday at The Abbey
  • Rainbow Skate Night at Moonlight Rollerway
  • Sugar Saturdays at Executive Suite

Of course you won’t want to miss the LA Pride event held each June.

Best LGBT Dating Sites

Most people under 30 probably have no idea what trying to find LGBT people for dating or hook ups was like back in the day. Local gay or lesbian bars were pretty much your only choice, but thankfully that is no longer the case and the internet has really helped us all.

Whether you are ‘out’ doesn’t matter to us personally but we are pretty sure that there are some people reading this who would prefer to not have their photos taken at a gay bar and posted on social media. Adult Friend Finder has been the biggest hook up site on the planet for almost two decades.

What some of you may not know is that they don’t just have that site, they have quite a few different sites under the AFF network. Their top site for finding gay men near you to hook up with is Men Nation and it has worked great for us, particularly in huge cities.

Lesbian Personals is where the ladies should turn to find hot lesbian women in LA to hook up with. Those who are bi-sexual and like all the colors of the rainbow should just go with Adult Friend Finder.

That is where all of the people on all of the sites across their network can be found. When you are ready to enjoy fast m4m hook ups use Men Nation, and for f4f hook ups use Lesbian Personals.

Before we leave we also wanted to mention world’s top transgender dating site, MyTransgenderDate. Trans dating in Los Angeles has never been more possible than it is right now because so many ts near you are feeling free to be the person they have always wanted to be.

Well guys, we have told you all about our favorite Los Angeles LGBT nightlife hot spots as best as we can. You know where to go to find mixed, gay, or lesbian bars and clubs in your area plus drag shows to party with trans, the West Hollywood gayborhood and all sorts of LGBT dating sites. We hope you make the most of the information at hand.

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