Best Sydney LGBT Friendly Date Night Ideas

Best LGBT date night ideas Sydney gay friendly romantic restaurants

Over the next few minutes we will fully cover the best LGBT friendly date night ideas in Sydney. Just about all of these tips can also work for a date during the day in your area or really any time you want to meet up with your partner.

We live in a much different world than we used to even a decade ago which is obviously a really great thing. The thing is, these days you can pretty much go anywhere you want and not have to worry about whether your Sydney date spots will be gay, lesbian, or any kind of LGBT friendly.

You probably won’t have any issues if you go grab a meal at a restaurant or café that we aren’t listing as a good local LGBT friendly date spot even if we do still have some ways to go in this regard. You can also go hang out at any park or visit any place that has fun things to do and we highly recommend you just do it and not worry about what other people think.

However, we also know it isn’t always that easy, so we will definitely be sharing some great lesbian and gay date night ideas near you. Because we have already written a full guide to gay and lesbian places to party in town which you can find there we won’t be covering the places to try and hook up on this page.

Local LGBT Friendly Restaurants & Cafes For A Date

For some well known LGBT friendly restaurants and cafes for a date in Sydney try:

Many of the above can be found in the main LGBT area near you ppp. If you are a local you probably already knew that, but if you are on a trip or are new to the city then that may be where you want to spend a lot of your time.

Sorry to keep repeating ourselves but when looking for a good place for a gay or lesbian date night in your area any of the top restaurants or cafés in the city should work just as well as the above spots.

Other Fun Things To Do On An LGBT Date Night In Sydney

Some additional interesting things to do on an LGBT date night or day date include:

  • The Rainbow Walkway at Coogee Beach
  • Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens at Mrs Macquaries Rd
  • Treetops Adventure Western Sydney at Plough & Harrow East
  • Hyde Park at Elizabeth St
  • Wild Life Sydney Zoo at 1-5 Wheat Rd
  • Luna Park Sydney at 1 Olympic Dr

Don’t forget that we linked you to the top LGBT nightlife in the intro if you want to grab some drinks after the initial part of your date.

We Hope You Have A Great Time Together

You and your partner should have a great local LGBT date night together if you go to the right places to set the right mood. Anyone that has been reading this as a single person and that is looking for someone to take out on a date should check out dating sites like Men Nation which is great for quick gay hook ups or Lesbian Personals which you can probably figure out.

Both of the above are run by the very popular Adult Friend Finder which is a great site to meet all varieties of people for casual hook ups that can lead to more serious dating. At this point we hope you enjoy trying out some of the best Sydney LGBT date night ideas together.

Best gay lesbian date spots Sydney LGBT friendly restaurants cafes