Best Gay & Lesbian Bars In Barcelona (LGBT Nightlife Guide)

Best gay bars Barcelona LGBT nightlife dating lesbians your area

Anyone that wants to learn more about the best gay and lesbian bars or clubs in Barcelona will be able to do so right here. This local LGBT nightlife guide will also cover things like mixed clubs, trans bars, drag shows, the main queer area near you and more!

There are some annual Barcelona gay pride events and tons of regular parties that we will also dive deep into. And we can’t forget about the best LGBT dating sites in your area since that is becoming the preferred way to meet new people for many.

Not everyone likes to do things the same way and we know gay and lesbian bars are not for everyone. We will just list everything we can think of and then you can proceed in whichever way sounds right for you. That is the same we have done in all of our posts on the gay scene in Spain so no need to change it up now.

Best LGBT Bars & Clubs In Barcelona

Let’s start this off with a list of the best gay, lesbian, and mixed LGBT bars and nightclubs in Barcelona:

Best Gay Bars & Clubs

If you are searching for gay bars and clubs in Barcelona for men to meet men you can go off that main list you just read. We used to live in a world where things were far less inclusive, but these days most spots have become more LGBT friendly instead of strictly gay bars near you.

Best Lesbian Bars & Clubs in Barcelona

Along those same lines we are not aware of any straight up lesbian bars in Barcelona for women to meet women. The mixed list should have plenty of options for you and if there are no cute girls around to hit on head out and find another place to try.

With that said any time one that the Nenis Lesbian Parties or Girlicious are going on you should consider checking them out.

Drag Shows & Trans Bars

We aren’t really to the point of having local trans bars in Barcelona just yet though those days may be coming soon. For now you can find drag shows that may help you locate ts near you at:

  • Drag Show at Cangrejo on Friday Nights
  • Drag Shows at Madame Jasmine
  • Drag Shows at Strass

We know the scene here pretty well if we may say so, but we cover way too many cities to have a more intimate knowledge on all of them than the local experts. Our goal is to keep our lists as up to date as possible but we need your help to do so.

It would be great if you could use the comments section to let us know if you notice anything dated. This is a very progressive city and there is not really one main gay area to target.

Having no true gayborhood in your area just means you can feel comfortable anywhere. With that said many of the venues we are discussing on this page are downtown around Eixample and El Raval.

By the way you may want to read our other posts on:

Weekly, Monthly, & Pride Events

Here are some of the best LGBT events that occur on a regular basis:

  • Happy Thursday at Night Barcelona
  • Strippers Night at Boysbar Bcn on Fridays
  • House DJ & GoGos at Boysbar Bcn on Saturdays
  • An event at La Federica on Thursdays
  • Hits & House att Punto BCN on Weekends & Holidays
  • DeepTuesday at City Hall
  • Dirty Beach at City Hall on Fridays
  • The Black Room at City Hall on Sundays
  • Yass! at Safary on Saturdays
  • Aire Chicas at C. Diputació 233
  • Churros con Chocolate at Apolo once a month on Sundays
  • Caramba Party at Diputación, 94
  • Girlicious at Carrer de Mallorca 219

And there are plenty of great pride events plus other LGBT events throughout the year like:

Best LGBT Dating Sites

Trying to date or hook up with LGBT people in Barcelona was not very easy for prior generations, especially if you don’t like to party. Local gay or lesbian bars were pretty much the only choice you had, but thankfully that is no longer the case.

We have no idea what your current status is but we are pretty sure that there are some out there who may not want to have their photos taken at a gay bar in your area and posted on social media. Adult Friend Finder has been the biggest hook up site on the planet for almost two decades.

They have quite a few sites in their network which some may not know. Their top site for finding gay men near you to hook up with is Men Nation and you might be surprised at how many guys use it in huge cities like this.

Lesbian Personals is where to go to find hot lesbian women to hook up with. Those who are bi-sexual and like all varieties should just go with Adult Friend Finder.

It combines all of the users on their numerous sites across their network which are not only straight and LGBT but also include swingers and numerous types of kinks and fetishes. When you are ready for quick m4m hook ups use Men Nation, and for f4f hook ups use Lesbian Personals.

We also think that the world’s top transgender dating site deserves a mention and it is MyTransgenderDate. Trans dating in Barcelona has never been as easy as it is today because more ts near you are finally comfortable living the life they want to live.

Well guys, you have read about the Barcelona LGBT nightlife in full detail. You know where to go to find mixed, gay, or lesbian bars and clubs plus drag shows to party with trans and all sorts of LGBT dating sites. We hope you make the most of the information at hand.

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